During war, two spies (Jack and Arnold) are being parachuted in a hostile country. But during their landing, their plane gets intercepted by the special forces. Things started to go out of control: they both lose all their equipment, and Ann, the person that is waiting for them on the ground, is killed. They both land far from the original location (and far from each other) in a completely unknown area. Eventually, each of them reaches a pay phone, but when they call Ann's phone number they obviously get no response.

The first thing that they have to do is get in touch with each other. They obviously can't call 911 or any random number, or do anything that will draw attention (like putting announcements in a newspaper), because all special forces are looking for them. In fact there is no TV, radio or newspapers in that area that would allow one of them to get information about another. Of course, they have no cell phones, walkie-talkies or anything that would allow them to communicate.

What would be their strategy to get in touch?