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April, 2006

  • Antimail

    Passwords: Bad "best practices"

    So, you think that your password is secure? Let's see: does it contain a mixture of uppercase/lowercase letters, punctuation marks and digits? Yes? Well, even in this case, your password might be still completely insecure. Read ahead why... To understand...
  • Antimail

    The definition of the Internet, in 1974

    These words belong to Andrei Sakharov : "I foresee a universal information system (UIS), which will give everyone access at any given moment to the contents of any book that has ever been published or any magazine or any fact. The UIS will have...
  • Antimail

    How to run Defrag on a scheduled basis

    On Windows XP, it's simple. Just run this command and you are done: schtasks /create /TN defrag /RU "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" /SC weekly /TR "defrag %systemdrive%"
  • Antimail

    Wikipedia is getting pretty good lately

    Maybe I am biased, but I am pleasantly surprised by Wikipedia recently. There is a lot of material coming, at least on the subjects that interest me (I don't know, reading about coffee, tea, scientology, estimation theory, neural networks, anything)....
  • Antimail

    Boot from iSCSI? It's coming.

    Wonder of wonders. One of the interesting features of SANs in general, and iSCSI in particular, is the ability to boot directly from the exposed logical units (i.e. disks in SAN terminology). You don't need local storage. Why would that be useful? It...
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