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May, 2006

  • Antimail

    Latest LINQ CTP available for download

    Latest LINQ CTP released for download . The list of goodies is here: What’s new? Enhanced DLinq Support: This CTP adds support for Inheritance, Stored Procedures, User-Defined Functions, and Optimistic Concurrency Conflict Resolution (OCCR...
  • Antimail

    Spam Poetry

    Those evil spam masters get better and better to attract your attention. Lately, I noticed lots of emails starting, and ending with some text disguised as casual conversation, in the lines of: industry town. Only there were no people. Neither living...
  • Antimail

    Digg surpasses Slashdot?

    Looking at Alexa , we can definitely see a trend: Alexa might be contested , however. And, speaking of trends, Google Trends tells us a similar thing, this time with respect to Google search volume : slashdot digg
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