Lately, there are several 3D photo technologies coming from Microsoft like Photosynth and Photo Tourism. A new one is 3D facial mapping in XBox 360 games. How does it work? Upload a few photos of yourself (using the XBox Live Vision Camera), and create a 3D model of your face. You can then use "yourself" in 3D games, in your XBox.

One of the best applications, in our opinion, is the Digimask Face Rendering system, where you can take your face and map it onto a real 3D model to use in games. Very awesome, and pretty damn accurate. But is it me or is this guy's mapped 3D face suspiciously similar to Frank West from Dead Rising? Or am I just playing that game way too much?

Part of this interest in the 3D facial mapping techniques was also driven by the Vision Technology research group in MSR, which was working on this area for a while.