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September, 2006

  • Antimail

    A bit of black magic: How to assign drive letters to VSS shadow copies... on Windows XP !

    A while back, I wrote a post on how to assign drive letters to shadow copies. On Windows Server 2003, the solution is simple, as there is already an API (called ExposeSnapshots()) to assign a drive letter to a shadow copy device. This API can be exercised...
  • Antimail

    Vista - any opinions? Let us know. It's not over yet...

    Vaibhav Kamath asked on one of my previous posts if there will be any UI changes after Vista RC1. The answer - no major changes, of course. Just fit & finish at this point. If you have any comments or issues around Vista, please log them on our...
  • Antimail

    Vista RC1 is now done!

    Whew! Time for a beer :-) The new OS runs pretty sweet on my dev box (aside a few bugs that I noticed and which are mostly already fixed in newer builds).
  • Antimail

    12-disk SATA storage box for less than a grand

    ExtremeTech has a review of the Norco DS-1220 eSATA storage box, which can accomodate up to 12 SATA disks. The price is pretty low (on it is $840 without disks). I computed a small table that shows how much it will cost for a simple JBOD configuration...
  • Antimail

    Media Center PCs - the end of high-end DVD players?

    A report on confirms what many of us already know - the end is near for those high-end, super-cool DVD players. Indeed, why buying a $2000 high-end DVD player (and now, with HD sparkling flavor crystals) when you can buy a pretty good media...
  • Antimail

    IronPython 1.0 released!

    Jim Hugunin just published the IronPython 1.0 download path here: As an open-source product, it was an interesting exercise in deep integration between a highly dynamic language to the language-independent CLR environment...
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