One of the customer requests we had on Windows Server 2003 R2 was the ability to increase the maximum number of quotas in the FSRM Quota report. The current limit is 1000 quotas maximum. How do I set this limit to 20,000 for example?

Here is how - assuming that you have Powershell 1.0 installed, just run this script:

$gm=New-Object -com Srmsvc.SrmGlobalStoreManager

$s=[xml]$gm.GetStoreData("Settings", "ReportSettings")



$gm.SetStoreData("Settings", "ReportSettings",$s.get_InnerXml())

One note, however. The script above uses an COM object that is internally used by FSRM to store its internal configuration. Use this COM object as your own risk as this is not a published API.