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  • Blog Post: Azure Storage Data Movement Uploader in Five Commits

    I have two goals: Learn more about Git and learn about DMLib. Azure Storage Data Movement Library (DMLib) has the same performance and exposes the core functionalities of AzCopy and this is an awesome super(ficial) review of one of its methods. It’s not more
  • Blog Post: The Azure $25 Dollar Challenge

    With today’s announcement about Visual Studio Dev Essentials I asked, what can you run for $25 in Azure? Here’s my list: Service Region Type Cluster Tier Instance Size Instance Count Hours Price App Service East US Free F1 10 744 Free Azure more
  • Blog Post: The Azure Rest API, or Rather Resource Management API

    Let’s start with a simple bingle search. Head over to and type in “Azure REST API” and hit quack… The top hit is already leading you astray! It takes us to the Azure Service Management API (ASM). “Ian, why more
  • Blog Post: Deploy to Azure Resource Groups using the SDK

      Authentication Start by adding the ADAL nuget package. Install-Package Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory Then add this file to your project: The first line of code in your app will be… string token = AuthHelper.GetAuthorizationHeader more
  • Blog Post: AzureCon Followup and Announcements

    Yesterday was AzureCon 2015, and it was chalk full of goodness. I sat for all four of the Keynotes and live tweeted (or whatever it’s called). I had a great time, but it was ball busting work. A side affect of doing that was, I feel really informed more
  • Blog Post: 5 Minutes with Kibana – Overview Dashboard

    Let’s create some data visualizations using Kibana. Kibana is the “K” in the ELK stack. The ELK stack stands for: Elastic Search Logstash Kibana I have a Windows Server running in Azure that is has an instance of Elastic Search and Logstash more
  • Blog Post: Deploying Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines with Visual Studio for IT Pros

    While PowerShell alone is great for deploying Azure Virtual Machines, the newest innovations in Visual Studio make PowerShell plus Azure even easier! Join Tommy Patterson and I as we walk through the process of setting up Visual Studio with an Azure subscription, editing the scripts in the traditional...
  • Blog Post: Authenticate to the Azure Service Management API

    So, back in the day we used x509 Certificates to authenticate to Azure’s API. A year or so ago, Azure Active Directory became the defacto method of authentication. MSDN talks about it in the article: Authenticating Azure Resource Manager requests more
  • Blog Post: Cloud, Azure, DevOps, Love and Hate

    Early in 2007 or 2008, the one and only, DigUnix got back from an overnight hack-a-thon. During this thon he was introduced to running Linux boxes in Amazon’s datacenters. Till then, he and I used to just remotely build Gentoo boxes from across the hall and get in trouble for scream profanity in...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting Azure Resource Manager Failed Messages

    So you’re in the new portal and trying to deploy something? It runs for a while and then fails! The message returned isn’t great and looks something like: The operation name is: Microsoft.ClassicCompute/virtualMachines/extensions/write The more
  • Blog Post: The Case of Azure Websites and Continuous Deployment

    So this post has a misleading title… Because I’m not going to explain how this works, Azure Websites continuous deployment is not anything really new, and also It’s well documented here and here . Read more >>
  • Blog Post: Post to Yammer from Azure Automation

    This little diddy pulls down the Azure Updates RSS feed, get’s the last days posts (if there are any) and posts them to Yammer using email… Something to keep folks in our Yammer group informed. Read More >>
  • Blog Post: 8 Azure Preview Features You Should Look At

    Azure… There is plenty to keep up with, just dealing with the features that have been released. With that in mind, have you enabled the preview features? Take a minute and go to your subscription account portal and have a look… More Info >>
  • Blog Post: Azure Web Sites DaaS–Diagnostics as a Service

    DaaS for Azure Web Sites is a great tool when “bad things happen to a good site”! It allows you to collect a plethora of different logs and parses them into an easily digestible format. The idea is to enable you to get to root cause without turning to the forums or Microsoft support. I’m running a WordPress...
  • Blog Post: New Video: Save Time and Money with Azure Automation

    We’ve all seen compute power sitting idle, costing us money... Well no more! Automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Microsoft Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine. To read more >>
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure, Remote PowerShell and the Case of the Unknown Certificate Authority

    Recently the folks over on the Azure team released a bunch of improvements to Azure. One of them caught my eye. They’ve provided us a way to enable PowerShell remoting when provisioning a machine. As someone who tries to automate all things I was extremely happy to see this. Gone are the days or...
  • Blog Post: How To: Setup Windows Azure PowerShell

    A lot of the demos, lab environments, and test I do are in Azure. I try to script everything so that it’s repeatable and I don’t turn into a monkey clicking next. What fun is that? With that said I’ve put together how I setup my environment for communicating with Azure via PowerShell. To read more >>
  • Blog Post: PowerDNSimple: A PowerShell module for REST API

    This journey started when I was building a test lab on Windows Azure. The goal was to run two SharePoint instances, one SharePoint 2010 farm and one SharePoint 2013 farm. In keeping with automating this network setup and build… I wanted a good way to lookup my VM’s VIP assigned by Azure and update an...
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