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  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting Azure Resource Manager Failed Messages

    So you’re in the new portal and trying to deploy something? It runs for a while and then fails! The message returned isn’t great and looks something like: The operation name is: Microsoft.ClassicCompute/virtualMachines/extensions/write The more
  • Blog Post: New Video: Save Time and Money with Azure Automation

    We’ve all seen compute power sitting idle, costing us money... Well no more! Automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of resources in your Microsoft Azure environment using a highly scalable and reliable workflow execution engine. To read more >>
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure, Remote PowerShell and the Case of the Unknown Certificate Authority

    Recently the folks over on the Azure team released a bunch of improvements to Azure. One of them caught my eye. They’ve provided us a way to enable PowerShell remoting when provisioning a machine. As someone who tries to automate all things I was extremely happy to see this. Gone are the days or...
  • Blog Post: How To: Setup Windows Azure PowerShell

    A lot of the demos, lab environments, and test I do are in Azure. I try to script everything so that it’s repeatable and I don’t turn into a monkey clicking next. What fun is that? With that said I’ve put together how I setup my environment for communicating with Azure via PowerShell. To read more >>
  • Blog Post: Script: Check BitLocker Status of a Volume

    Recently a customer reached out to me with a challenge. They’d just purchased a number of Surface Pro devices. Being good stewards they wanted to ensure these devices had BitLocker enabled. We solved this by using a simple PowerShell script that gathered the information then emails a log. To read more...
  • Blog Post: PowerDNSimple: A PowerShell module for REST API

    This journey started when I was building a test lab on Windows Azure. The goal was to run two SharePoint instances, one SharePoint 2010 farm and one SharePoint 2013 farm. In keeping with automating this network setup and build… I wanted a good way to lookup my VM’s VIP assigned by Azure and update an...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell and the Kinect

    A few months back I wrote a “module” for scripting the Kinect with PowerShell. It’s located at: . Recently a new Kinect SDK was released. I’m going to be testing out the new SDK to make sure everything works as expected. To read more >>
  • Blog Post: What are the text file special characters?

    Just some notes I have in my PowerShell profile... <# Text File Special Characters # -- `0 - (zero)Null -- `a - Alert -- `b - Backspace -- `f - Form feed -- `n - New line -- `r - Carriage return -- `t - Horizontal tab -- `v - Vertical tab -- `r`n - Carriage return line feed # End of Text...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2010 Solution and Feature Deployment

    In SharePoint 2010 PowerShell should be used to deploy solutions and enable features. There are a number of cmdlets used in this process. PowerShell Cmdlets To add a solution to SharePoint previously used: · Stsadm –o addsolution In PowerShell you should now use: ...
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