The ADO.NET will be conducting a focus group on LINQ/EDM at TechEd 2007 to help define the direction of LINQ to Entities. If you are interested in participating, please check out the details below:  


Subject: Share your perspectives and help shape the direction LINQ/EDM, at TechEd 2007!



The Microsoft LINQ/EDM team would like to invite TechEd 2007 attendees to take part in helping to define the direction of LINQ to Entities (LINQ/EDM).  Come meet with the SQL Server product team members to provide your input to the future of and evaluative feedback on a range of LINQ/EDM topics! 


Participants will take part in a focus group session where they will share needs and preferences that will help shape LINQ/EDM.  Interested?  Keep reading below.



The Microsoft SQL Server team is looking to speak with experienced IT developers who use or are considering using LINQ/EDM to program against a relational database.


How to participate

If you would like to participate in this research opportunity, sign up for the LINQ/EDM session at


Space is limited.  Confirmations will be sent to you by email on May 31, 2007.



Thank you and we hope to see you at TechEd 2007!