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    ADO.NET Entity Framework Performance Comparison

    There have been a few questions from the last performance blog post about how the Entity Framework compares against other object relational mapping frameworks. The simplest way to compare the performance of Entity Framework with various competing products...
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    Stored Procedure Mapping

    In this blog post, we’d like to walk through the EDM designer’s support for specifying insert, update, and delete stored procedures for entity types. Each of these stored procedure types has some non-obvious requirements and capabilities and we’d especially...
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    Extending Lightweight Transactions in SqlClient

    We’ve done some work with SqlClient’s System.Transaction support for Sql Server 2008. To explain what we did, and why, I’m going setup some background first, which may also be useful for understanding the existing behavior. System.Transactions offers...
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    Cool Entity Framework Sample

    Samir Bajaj, a developer on the ADO.NET Team recently put together a very cool Drawing Editor sample application based on the Entity Framework and backed by SQL Server. The application makes a very compelling demonstration of the Entity Framework offers...
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March, 2008