The information in this post is out of date.

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In EF4 we shipped a ton of new features.  One of the primary focuses for the team in the release was making the EF4 API surface more approachable and expanding the number of patterns developers could use when writing their data access code.  Many of the features and patterns added stemmed from our work on LINQ to SQL.  LINQ to SQL offers quite a lot of great stuff and we wanted to combine the best of what EF offers with the great patterns offered by LINQ to SQL.  The team thought it would be productive to recap the subset of features we focused on around productivity, patterns, and LINQ to SQL and to ask for input on patterns we should add in the future.  Some key features (note most bullet items link to previously blog entries) added this release include: 

We haven’t blogged about ExecuteStoreQuery/Translate so will follow up in the next week or so on it. 

In the meantime, we’re interested in hearing your feedback on other key features you like about LINQ to SQL that you’d like to see in EF vNext. 

Any comments or feedback you have would be appreciated.

- The Entity Framework Team