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    ADO.NET Orcas and Samples

    I hope you guys enjoyed the August CTP of ADO.NET vNext. As we make progress on the Orcas release of Visual Studio, the various teams –including ourselves- are working hard at integrating everything in a single product, Visual Studio Orcas. For the ADO...
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    LOB Performance in SqlDataReader.

    I've been answering a few questions here and there about performance for pulling LOB data out of a SqlDataReader and figured a discussion of what's going on behind the scenes may be useful. This analysis is based primarily on the number of copies and...
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    ADO.NET vNext: Entity Data Model (EDM) Designer Prototype

    Folks, To aid brainstorming and to better understand typical developer scenarios, the ADO.NET team created an internal prototype of a designer to let developers model the ADO.NET vNext “Conceptual” layer. If you recall, Pablo Castro demoed this...
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    Entity Mapping in ADO.NET vNext

    Hi folks, My name is Atul Adya and I am a software architect in the ADO.NET team. After working on persistent object stores, object caching, distributed file systems, and diagnostics in wireless networking, I have been spending time on a very important...
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    Friday Goodness

    A little bonus for folks to play with over the long US weekend: XML Notepad is out! Congrats to Chris & Michael & friends.
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    ADO.NET vNext Provider Writer Event Summary

    The ADO.NET team recently held an event for ADO.NET provider writers. Representatives from DataDirect, IBM, MySQL, SQLite and Sybase converged on Microsoft headquarters in Redmond to attend the three day event. The goal for the event was to help provider...
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    Queries in ADO.NET vNext

    Hi folks, There’s been a lot of interest in the ADO.NET CTP that we posted a few days back, and lots of questions about the internal details. I wanted to briefly describe how we handle queries in the ADO.NET CTP – and hopefully address some of your...
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    Announcing: The ADO.NET vNext August CTP

    A couple of months ago we committed to shipping a very early technology preview of the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the LINQ integration in ADO.NET, and we said we were "shooting for August". Well, here is it, with a whole 2 weeks to go before August...
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    ADO.NET 2.0 on-demand webcasts

    ADO.NET 2.0 related on-demand webcasts I've fished out of the Microsoft Events database for you. They are fresh - most of these were recorded in 2006: Integrated Innovation: Using ADO.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 (Level 300) ADO.NET and SQL Web...
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    ADO.NET Entity Framework on Channel 9

    A few weeks ago we released a couple of whitepapers that discuss the future directions of the Microsoft Data Platform and in particular the specifics around the next version of ADO.NET and the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Recently the Channel 9 folks...
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    Attention all ADO.NET provider writers!

    Microsoft is hosting an event for ADO.NET provider writers from July 31 - August 2. We’re looking for provider writers who want to get a head start on their vNext providers to come out to Redmond, WA. Bring your laptops. We’ll supply the caffeine!...
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    ADO.NET and SQL Server Everywhere

    (this post was originally posted here ) Steve Lasker has posted a screencast / video over on Channel 9 providing an overview on the various ADO.NET programming options available for SQL Server Everywhere, including an updateable resultset (SqlCeResultSet...
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    What I Wish Developers Knew About 'x' in / for SQL Server 2005 (webcasts)

    (this post was originally posted here ) Database Journal has a good list of some upcoming SQL Server related live webcasts scheduled for July (on MSDN and TechNet): Some that should be of interest for developers using ADO.NET: What I Wish...
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    ADO.NET vNext - feedback so far

    (this post was originally posted here ) Since announcing our ADO.NET vNext plans at TechEd last week, the team has been on the lookout for your feedback on where we heading with the next release. This post is a round up of some of the ...
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    ADO.NET vNext: The Entity Framework, LINQ and more

    (this post was originally posted here ) Once you are done with shipping large products such as SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 you’d expect to have a quiet time for a while, slow down a bit, that kind of stuff… Turns out that it wasn’t the...
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