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  • Blog Post: Tab completing LDAP attribute names inside Advanced Filters

    In my previous post about Advanced filter s I showed how to use Powershell variables to represent values inside filters. Example: PS D:\> $JohnSmith = Get-ADUser JohnSmith PS D:\> Get-ADUser -Filter { manager -eq $JohnSmith.DistinguishedName } ## Gets all the user accounts whose manager...
  • Blog Post: Active Directory Powershell – Advanced Filter (Part – II)

    In my previous post I discussed about the various features available in -Filter parameter aka “advanced filter”. This post extends the previous one and discusses about the various operators supported in Advanced Filter and also give examples using each one of them. Most of the examples are picked from...
  • Blog Post: Active Directory Powershell – Advanced Filter

    Do you find it difficult reading/writing LDAP filters? Do you wish you could write LDAP filter in a more natural way? Have you ever wished that Ldap filter parser message should point you to the exact error character in your filter string instead of displaying a catch-all LDAP_FILTER_ERROR (87) error...
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