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  • Blog Post: Final Draft of OpenXPS

    After 20 months of hard work, 8 face-to-face meetings (in Japan, Europe and the USA), numerous conference calls and a load of email, TC46, the technical committee working on the standardization of XPS, has published the final draft of the OpenXPS specification – denoted as version 1.6. As Ecma notes...
  • Blog Post: 4 x PDF on XPS

    "Standards need to be open, otherwise they won’t be accepted anymore. Interoperability is important, as people do not want to get locked-in anymore. But everybody should still welcome a good, sound technology that aims to bring electronic document nirvana closer."   That quote is from...
  • Blog Post: TC46 in Genève

    This week TC46 is meeting at the Hôtel Longemalle in Genève , hosted by Ecma International . Details of the work of the technical committee, including summaries of previous meetings, the latest working drafts and issue lists, are available from the TC46 Activities page . As ever, feedback is welcomed...
  • Blog Post: XPS Standardization Update

    There’s an update on the activities to standardize XPS on the Ecma TC46 page . Enjoy.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Contributes Web Services Protocol to Broaden Interoperability

    As part of its customer-focused commitment to interoperability, of which XPS is one part, Microsoft has contributed its Web services protocol specification for consumer scanning peripherals (WS-Scan), to the Printer Working Group ( ). Details in the full press release .
  • Blog Post: TC46 Web Site Update

    Martin, chair of TC46, and the Ecma team in Geneva have updated the TC46 section of the Ecma web site. As well as details about the activities of the TC, the site now provides a formal feedback channel and details of active participants. The meeting section is updated with highlights from the last...
  • Blog Post: XPS and the Office Interoperability Announcement

    Earlier today, the Office team announced that Microsoft will expand the range of formats supported in the Office suite. In addition to the range of formats already supported in the product, support for XPS, PDF, ODF and ISO/IEC 29500 (OOXML) will be added. Plus, we'll be working closely with the community...
  • Blog Post: Three Days in Prison

    I spent 3 days in prison last week, or rather in the former Oxford prison that has now been converted to a rather nice hotel (assuming you like small windows with views of small patches of sky).   Software Imaging had kindly arranged the accommodation as part of hosting the TC46 meeting in Oxford...
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