Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer team rocks!!!  One of the things I value most in this team is the excellent synergy between dev and test. Our dev and test are among the smartest folks in Microsoft, and when the two work together closely it does wonders for the quality of a product.

Just last week, I had an enjoyable experience working with one of my devs. Before working on a feature, he notified me. This gave me enough time to think about testing the feature and to code tests (using our cool Automation Stack) while the dev was coding the feature. Every now and then, he sent me a code pack to smoke test. I would do a quick smoke test, catch any nasty bugs and send him a quick feedback. We would then continue to code further. After a couple of iterations of this nature, we both felt that the feature is rock solid and we also had tests to verify the feature. Both dev and test code then got checked in at the same time. In some cases, tests got checked in a little earlier. How cool is that!!

This is just one of the many reasons whyI like working for this team. This workflow helps me to do my job better and also helps improve the quality of the product.