In our previous App bash, I designed my own version of the MSN beta screensaver in just couple of hours. I am not a designer, and so I was impressed by how easy it was to design the app using Expression Interactive Designer with hardly any code. The only code I added was to be able to move the frame window around.

I admit the design is not very good, but hey it was the best I could put together in a couple of hours. I plan to redesign the app and make it more extensible so that a user can customize the feeds and location of background images. Keep posted for Part II of this project.

The feeds are live feeds using databinding. You can hover over the news items to get a brief description in the tooltip and if you click, then it will load the news item in a frame window that you can move around. You can enter search keywords and it will load msn search results into the frame window.

Here is the  source code . The code will work on WPF Feb CTP and Expression Interactive Designer March CTP. In the \bin\debug folder, there is an exe as well as a scr file. You can either run the exe as a standalone app or install the scr as your screensaver.