This a well known phrase and I have heard so many times at so many different places. But I got to experience it in a special way this week. As you know, I have been part of a product team known as Blend for nearly 4 years now and we have always been making decisions based on what we think our customers need.  But hardly did we get to meet our customers to find out whether we made the right or in some cases wrong decisions.

When I heard of the opportunity to visit one of our customers, I immediatley jumped on it. So, I got to visit a team of designers down in Santa Clara, California, who are actively using Blend to build, oops wrong term, I should say design their UI. I got to meet them, see them use Blend and also help answer any questions they had. While working in their midst, I was thrilled to see how excited they are to use our tool and how empowered they really feel. I also saw some of the areas of the product where we could have done a better job, but ran out of time.

This customer experience made me realize the impact of the decisions we make during the product lifecycle on our customers. The bottom line is that when youare building a product for your customer, the customer is always right. We have to clearly understand their requirements and strive to give them the best possible experience using our tool.

 I learnt a lot and took a lot with me back home, including a cold...