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  • Blog Post: Code Duplication- When is a good time to get rid of it?

    These last couple of weeks, I have been working on a project that led me to think about the risks of code duplication and when would be a good time to get rid of it. Make no mistake, I completely agree that duplicating code of any sort and any extent is a bad idea right from the beginning. In theory...
  • Blog Post: Don't write new tests, Reuse existing tests by writing new execution behaviors.

    Last week, I was testing a new way of using an existing feature. There was already an existing way of using the same feature and it was already thoroughly tested and automated. We were basically introducing a new execution path for the same feature. So, this was the problem: I already had tests that...
  • Blog Post: Good dev-test synergy is essential for product quality.

    Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer team rocks!!! One of the things I value most in this team is the excellent synergy between dev and test. Our dev and test are among the smartest folks in Microsoft, and when the two work together closely it does wonders for the quality of a product. Just last...
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