Zune Clock 1.1

Encouraged by the positive feedback I've received so far, I did my best to stay away from GTAIV during the weekend and did some more work on the Zune Clock. So, I've added a new feature: the the ability to customize the background.

    What's new in this version:
    - New feature: Background customization (you need to have a few pictures on the Zune)
    - Bug: Fixed a bug which caused the settings data to become corrupt in some cases
    - Bug: Performance improvements (application loops slower than initially - a clock doesn't need a very high refresh rate)
    - Update: Using white color for the settings (it makes the text more visible when having a custom background)
    - Update: The application version is displayed when in setting mode
    - Code fix: Fixed the sources so that they compile fine on Debug
    - Code fix: Refactored some of the settings code to make space for future settings

Zune Clock 1.0

A few days ago, I've decided to give a try to the XNA CTP which allows creating applications for the Zune. So, I've started going through the tutorials and I've decided to create a Clock application. I know, XNA is meant to be used for writing games... but I always wanted to have a clock on the Zune :). I was impressed to discover that the Zune has an internal clock, which works even when the Zune is shut down. The only issue I had was that the time was a little bit off, and there was no way to set the internal clock. So I've added the ability to "adjust" the time displayed. Basically, you define an offset which gets applied to the hardware clock. The value gets saved so that the next time when you start the application, it will still show the correct time.

Description: Simple clock which displays the date and time. It allows adjusting the date and time displayed (it doesn't modify the internal hardware clock). The value gets saved and loaded the next time you start the application.

- displays the time
- displays the date
- allows setting the date/time
- the date/time adjustment is persisted so that the next time you start it you don't have to adjust it again.

- Back Button - exits the application
- Pause Button - enters setting mode
    * Up/Down - increments the selected setting
    * Left/Right - cycles through the different settings (hours, minutes, seconds, days)
    * Click on the Zune pad - resets the adjustment to 0 (so that you will see the hardware date/time)
    * Pause/Back - exits setting mode





I hope you will find this application useful.

EDITED: This article explains how to install Games on the Zune: http://www.zuneboards.com/tip-of-the-week/how-to-install-games-on-your-zune.html