For the last few months, I’ve been working with a friend of mine, Ciprian, on this app. A few days ago, we released our third version (1.2). We are really happy about this release and we hope our customers will share our excitement.

Our main focus in this release was the usability in the field (finally, we’ve got some good weather in Seattle, and that allowed us to spend more time using the application). We added a new map manipulation mode (rotation mode) that offers a much easier way to set the map orientation (which is very needed, because the current version of the OS doesn’t expose the compass functionality to applications).

In anticipation of the next Windows Phone OS release (code name Mango) we included a beta version of the Point To Sky feature, that uses the tilt sensor.

Another feature that we are really excited about is the Picture of The Day. NASA publishes one astronomy picture every day on the APOD website; those images are simply amazing, and they represent a great way to learn about the Universe.

Other new features:

  • flashlight (well, it really helps having a handy flashlight when watching the sky in complete darkness; and if you use the night mode, it will display a red color so that you don’t loose your eyes adaptation to darkness)
  • map orientation lock
  • help page

If you would like to find more about this release, you can check the following links: