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  • Blog Post: Windows 8 #MSKenCamp presentation & demo

    Hello all If you are interested in the materials covered in the MS Kenya camp, you can find the presentation in that link: windows 8 45 minutes introduction and the code of the demo attached.
  • Blog Post: Teaching Kids in Africa using Kinect

    Ok so now am sitting in the iHub_ as part of the Kenya camp that the evangelizing team is working on right now, So I was searching for a case study that would help the Africans to feel the Impact of kinect in education and how interactive and helpful it is, so I found a case study talking about using...
  • Blog Post: Meet Windows Azure #MSKenCamp presentation

    Hello friends, you'll find my presentation "Meet Windows Azure" presented at the Microsoft Kenya Developer Camp on Skydrive below:!107#!/?cid=a41c4b916c22d07e&id=A41C4B916C22D07E%21107 Feel free to reach out to me by...
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