Recently, I attended a session about CMIC

At first I was very happy about the fact that Microsoft is making serious efforts in the Middle East regarding research, so I went to know more about it.

Dr Tarek el Abaddy (CMIC director) was our host during the session; he walked us through the main objective for the research center, currently active projects, and CMIC vision.

One interesting thing I learned in this session is the difference between Research, Applied research and product development, basically they resemble the following triangular diagram

                                                             Research Triangle                     

In my opinion The essential difference between applied research and academic research is that, while academic research is very focused on theories , applied research is focused on the application of theories through technologies, or like what I prefer to call “Making science and the market meet”

Applied research seems to be a very logical choice to begin with in the Middle East for two reasons.

                First, we are in need to bridge the gap between science and the market. Though we have a very good software engineers in the Middle East and Africa we lack true research activities as those found in Microsoft research centers.

                Secondly, applied research is easier to manage and to make successful given the fact that we do not have renowned universities like Berkeley and MIT. However, with applied research,  a new horizon is open to compete with such great universities.

I am very excited about this opening and hoping for great success and potential added values to the Middle East and Africa through this center.

More innovation, more creation, more challenges …

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