New Song launched at Cybercrime Pre-Summit Led by the EFCC and Microsoft 


 (Article from N'dee Uwadoka)


Abuja, Nigeria, 3rd February 2009As part of efforts to tackle cybercrime in Nigeria, Microsoft today presented a song entitled ‘Maga No Need Pay’ to the diplomatic community and other stakeholders at the cocktail which marked the closing of the first West Africa Cybercrime pre-summit held in Abuja.


‘Maga No Need Pay’ was created by 9 of Nigeria’s most popular artistes The song which discourages crime and promotes the dignity of labour was created the very talented Banky W, MI, Omawumi, Modele, Cobhams, Rooftop MCs, Bez and Wordsmith. This collaboration was brokered under Microsoft’s Internet Safety, Security and Privacy Initiative for Nigeria (MISSPIN) launched in October 2008.


Mrs. Farida Waziri (AIG RTD), Executive Chairman of the EFCC commended the artistes and expressed the hope that other youths would take a cue from them and bring their own contributions to the table to address the cybercrime issue which has permeated our society.


“Despite the fact that cybercrime impacts both the country and its citizens negatively, a number of Nigerian artistes have actually created songs which have become quite popular, celebrating ‘Yahoo, Yahoo’ and its perpetrators,” said Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, Citizenship Lead for Microsoft in Anglophone West Africa. “We wanted to counteract this by working with some of the best artists in the country to create a great song which celebrates the results of honest work.”


“The choice of this tactic is premised on the fact that music is very influential in shaping young minds. It also ties into the whole MISSPIN strategy to provide an alternative to cybercrime through positive peer influence,” Dr. Umar-Ajijola added.  “We are proud of these artistes who have contributed their time and their talents to this project.”



The MISSPIN campaign was founded in July 2008 by Microsoft and the Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) with the aim to redirect the energies of Nigeria’s youth from cybercrime to more positive online engagements. 24 MISSPIN ambassadors were selected to create awareness around cybercrime issues among their peers, and influence them by positive modeling to turn to honest means of income. They are located throughout Nigeria, driving various anti-cybercrime activities including trainings, workshops and media campaigns.


The song collaboration was driven by Ohimai Godwin Amaize, one of the MISSPIN youth ambassadors under the B.L.I.N.G platform which says that we are ‘Brilliant. Legitimate. Innovative. Nigerian. Great.



 “We believe prevention is better than cure and in focusing our efforts on ensuring young people understand the negative impact of cybercrime, we are working to prevent the next-generation from making the mistakes of the past,” said Ohimai Godwin Amaize. “Young people relate to music and the incredible work of the musicians who have taken part in this project shows that combating cybercrime can be fun as well as impactful.”


Gbenga Sesan, the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, said, “Through working with Nigerian youth, demonstrating our creative response and our leadership in tackling cybercrime, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, Microsoft, the MISSPIN Ambassadors and all the musicians taking part in this project are helping to transform the cyber-image of Nigeria to reflect a true image of us as a nation where the internet is a safe and secure place to communicate with others, study and do business.”


Dr. Umar-Ajijola also thanked all the partners who have supported the MISSPIN project from its inception, “I am truly excited by the level of support we have enjoyed so far from organisations and individuals including Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, EFCC, Galaxy Backbone Limited, Ovation International, Transcorp Hilton and  our media partners who have actively promoted the fight against cybercrime. I also want to acknowledge Kemi Adetiba who conceptualized and produced the music video as her contribution to the project. Thank you all so much for all you are doing to improve the image of our great country Nigeria.”



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