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  • Blog Post: The African Mobile Revolution Narrowing the Technology Divide

    By Chilumba Mubashi – SDET II, Windows Mobile The Digital Divide In a United Nations publication covering African Recovery , it was noted that the continent of “ Africa had the fewest telephone lines, radios, televisions sets, computers, and internet users of any part of the world ”. This ratio of...
  • Blog Post: Africa's Mobile Revolution

    By Tawanda Sibanda Being African can be depressing at times. Every day I read discouraging stories about hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe, piracy in Somalia, and massacres in Congo. Even an eternal optimist cannot help feeling that the continent is cursed. Perhaps we are doomed to countless decades of...
  • Blog Post: Speech Technology is becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives

    By Dieudonné Mayi A decade ago, who would have heard of Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) speaking almost as clearly as a human operator, let alone walking the user through phone menus, or intelligently routing calls without the need of expensive telephony hardware? Speech technology has come...
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