"Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying."

You know who said that? Neil Armstrong, the first man who walked on the Moon!

I think the human kind is driven by a continuous desire of having something more, being somehow better, grow and grow and grow again. This is at the very end what drives us toward new frontiers, both at the individual and at the humanity levels. Two of the latest, greatest and fast-growing conquers of the human kind are, in my opinion, the Controlled Flight and the Information Technology. Both of them weren't there just a hundred years ago. Both of them changed the whole world, in not very different ways, at an unprecedented degree. I have been, and I am currently, an active part of the second, even if limited to my very very very little contribution. I am now trying to be an active part of the first, too. I want to learn to fly! I've just completed a flight simulation course at the local aeroclub of Florence, Italy, and now I am starting to study the theory for the Private Pilot License. Depending on my work location in the next future, I'll try to start the course for the Private Pilot License at the aeroclub. I will post updates on my progress on this blog...

Similarly, I will also post updates on my progress learning something in the IT field, too ;-)    I work as a technical Engagement Manager in Microsoft Services Italy. Two of the most probable arguments in the near future on this blog will be related to Business Process Automation with BizTalk 2004, and Windows Media Center development. I won't say anything else here... Just a link to the blog of a colleague of mine, nicknamed "Vibro.Net", who worked with me for the first published italian service for Media Center.