There are at least 10 reasons to buy a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 today, but I just discovered a significant 11th one.

Let's start with the first serious 10:

1. Use Microsoft's Most Advanced Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a superset of Windows XP Professional so it provides the power of Windows XP with no sacrifices. Tablet PC Edition has the full capabilities of Windows XP Professional, plus additional features for tablet pen–based computing. And, because it uses the Windows operating system, Tablet PC will run Windows XP–compatible applications.

2. Extend the Way You Work with Your PC.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition lets you interact with your PC in a more natural way by incorporating the convenient and intuitive aspects of pen and paper into the PC experience. Using a tablet pen and Tablet PC Input Panel, you can write directly on the screen and save your notes in your own handwriting—or convert them to typed text for use in other applications. The pen can also handle common mouse and keyboard tasks like opening applications, selecting text, and displaying menus. Or, if you prefer, you can still use a mouse or keyboard with Tablet PC.

3. Work from Anywhere with the Most Mobile PC Ever.

Tablet PC provides everything you expect in a mobile PC, but in a form that allows you to be productive in more situations—at your desk, in the hallway, at a meeting, or on the go. Tablet PC comes in two basic forms: the "convertible," with an integrated keyboard, and the ultra-slim "slate tablet," which has innovative docking solutions for easy access to the keyboard while at your desk. Tablet PC supports grab-and-go removal from a docking stationand has a fast resume-from-standby time. These capabilities, combined with wireless network support, give you greater mobility and immediate access to the full power of your PC.

4. Take All Your Notes Electronically.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition comes with Microsoft Windows Journal, a note-taking utility that lets you create and organize your handwritten notes. Windows Journal makes it easy to capture the text and drawings you would normally create using pen and paper. Advanced handwriting recognition technology lets you search your handwritten notes to quickly find what you need.

5. Collaborate Easily and Effectively.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition lets you integrate electronic "ink" into your everyday business applications such as Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft PowerPoint® 2003, Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, and Microsoft Excel 2003. Ink integration is native to Microsoft Office 2003 Editions.¹ You can then share these handwritten documents with other PC users—even if they are not using a Tablet PC. PC users with computers running the Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems can read your handwritten documents with the free Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer.

6. Personalize Your Experience.

Using Tablet and Pen Settings controls, you can customize your Tablet PC: calibrate your pen, optimize your Tablet PC for left- or right-handed operation, and program the hardware buttons of your Tablet PC to complete specific actions, such as opening an application or changing screen orientation from landscape to portrait.

7. Extend Your Applications with Digital Ink Handwriting.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a powerful platform for developers and the foundation for a new generation of applications with pen and ink capabilities. For example, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has powerful but simple ink controls and application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs allow software developers to extend existing applications with pen and ink capabilities and to develop new applications using this technology.

8. Deploy and Manage Easily.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition includes the advanced deployment technologies and policies included in Windows XP Professional, making it easy to deploy and manage Tablet PCs in the corporate environment.

9. Provide a Global Business Solution.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is localized into English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean. In the future, more languages will become available.

10. Get High Levels of Protection for Critical Data.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition offers all the security features of Windows XP Professional, including the Encrypting File System (EFS) security feature and the access control feature. Tablet PC also supports secure log on to a network using a single CTRL+ALT+DEL hardware button.


But today I discovered an important 11th reason to buy a Tablet PC, and I'm going to tell you about it.

11. Give you a way of talking friendly with one of your favorite movie/TV stars just as she was an old friend of yours.

If it happens to you to be in the same flight as one of your favorite, most beautiful, sexy, famous and glamourous women, and you also have the luck to be on the seat at her side, then a Tablet PC is a GREAT way to break the ice, interest her and start a very pleasant journey talking with her.