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Enterprise Library 5 – what’s on your wish list? - Grigori Melnik: Thoughts on Agile Software Engineering and Beyond - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Enterprise Library 5 – what’s on your wish list?

Enterprise Library 5 – what’s on your wish list?

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We’ve started our planning of the Enterprise Library 5. This is your chance to send us suggestions, comments, screams... These may include ideas for new blocks, new providers for existing blocks, integration with new .NET Framework 4.0 features, improvements to the design-time experience, performance improvements, support of specific deployment/operations scenarios, documentation/training support etc.

I am going to use the same technique Tom employed several years ago soliciting feature requests for EntLib3. It seemed to work quite well then. So, imagine you have a sum of money that you can invest in developing EntLib 5. Say $100 (or should I index the amount to be more like a stimulus package? :) In any case, when suggesting your features, decide how much of that $100 you want to spend for each feature. You can split $100 any way you want. If there is only one feature you want to spend all your money on, you can do it too. Please stay within the budget. Also, be specific – explain your scenario in detail, provide some context, make your case potentially appealing to other users of EntLib. Do remember, however, that EntLib has been and will be a general purpose library of reusable components that are architecture- and application domain-agnostic.

Once we gather your feedback, we will publish the list of feature requests and invite you to prioritize them.

Feel free to post your suggestions as comments on my blog or simply email me. Look forward to your propositions!


  • It’s that time again – the kick-off for the next major release of Enterprise Library. I can’t believe

  • I would like to see WPF integration for Validation.

    It was a pain to integrate the two.

  • How about a scan feature on Unity (convention over configuration) similar to that on StuctureMap.  I did a project with a lot web pages using Unity and my Unity Configuration section is enormous.

  • Here is my list:


    1. Multiple configuration sources for configuration sections?

    2. Merging of configuration files at the runtime?


    1. Integration with entity framework


    1. Integration with azure services

  • Comienza el planning para la Enterprise Library 5.0

  • Enterprise Library 5.0 is being planned, if you want to "be part" of the planning team you can do it!

  • Planning on Enterprise Library 5 has started! See Gregori's blog for more information if you want your

  • My only comment, having looked at EntLib a few times and given up, is to make the config easier. The whole system is so unapproachable and complex seeming... It's great to have Some Block use Another Block and need the Config Block to configure whatever etc etc. But a simplified, quick, get-going would be very helpful. For instance, look at, say, log4net. Minimal config impact, real simple, straightforward.

  • 1. DAL Intergration with Entity Framework

    2. Simpler Config Files.

  • I would spend the $100 on productizing Entlib.  Treat it as a product, provide better support for it (not just community-based) over several versions.  Don't assume people will just take a drop and start modifying it for their needs; also assume people will use it as a product and not modify it.  These are the people that need support on how to use it, and technical support for it through their entire lifecycle.  If they run into a problem with it two years after its release and can't get support for it, they're not going to want to use the next version and get bitten by that again.

  •   I would include  some utility for helping the user create custom configurations. With no help, you are on the hook for multiple classes, xml section, and xml data elements for this. And it is not trivial.

       As in the URL I included with this post, a configuration wizard for creating elaborate configurations in the Web.config and App.config.  Visual Studio should include this as a feature.

    Also.. SQL server-based configuration could be improved.. or actually fleshed out do that you don't need Allois Krous to get it to happen?

    I would ask others in this thread, have you not used the GUI that ships with, EntLibConfig.EXE,  to configure things? It really is not that complicated? I find most mistakes happen when people insist on Notepad over the GUI tool for editing configurations.

  • RE: EntLibConfig -- sure, it's very handy. But the fact that I have to configure a "Configuration Block" just to get some trace statements is what scared me.

    Also, all that config that the GUI generates -- ends up in my config! Now we're responsible to make sure it's correctly configured, setup, etc. when we go to deploy things. Maybe for big "enterprise" apps this is just one more cost that's acceptable.

    WCF has the same issue if you decide to configure by config file. Sure, there's a GUI, IntelliSense, etc. But managing a set of apps with 5 services that connect to each other becomes a major pain. Fortunately, WCF allows easy config via code.

    The difference with WCF is that it's a major, powerful platform, so it can justify a bit of up front time. If I just want some cute parts the ent lib offers, and I just need some simple functionality, I'm not willing to invest the time to "figure it all out".

    Maybe we need a non-enterprise version of EntLib.

  • I would be all my money on a non broken version of the Entlib config tool.

    70$) The tool should be more generic and not break immediately when I add the first custom e..g logging filter or formatter. It should be able to display the nodes which do not have a .Design.dll in a meaningful manner. e.g. Key/value pairs.

    30$ It should be possible to configure the whole set of constraints via one xml file so we do no longer need this myriad of .Design.dlls. That would make it much easier to add new extensions which can be configured nicely.


      Alois Kraus

  • Here is my list:

    1. WPF & Silverlight integration for Validation

    2. DAL Intergration with Entity Framework

  • $70: Simple way to do dynimic conf for, among others, end user configuration of logging.

    $30: An intermediate auth provider, complexity wise in between the exisitng rule provider and az man. An ACL implementation would be nice since there is ample supply of code and infrastructure

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