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  • Blog Post: Embracing Semantic Logging

    UPDATE 4/25/2013 : The Semantic Logging Application Block final version is released . Get it via NuGet. UPDATE 2/14/2013 : The Semantic Logging Application Block CTP is now available . In the world of software engineering, every system needs to log. Logging helps to diagnose and troubleshoot...
  • Blog Post: Preview Drop #3 of Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack

    Third drop of the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack is now available on Codeplex. What’s in the drop? - Validation Application Block for Silverlight ( details , video1 , demo1 , video2 , demo2 ) - Caching Application Block for Silverlight with support for: -- in-memory cache...
  • Blog Post: Thoughts on improving performance of the Logging Application Block

    EntLib5 team is working on improving performance of the logging block (story LAB02 in our product backlog ).  We’ve identified that message formatting in particular takes substantial amount of time based on our own performance tests and customer reports. So, we are considering alternatives. One...
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