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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure autoscaling now built-in

    One of the key benefits that the Windows Azure platform delivers is the ability to rapidly scale your application in the cloud in response to fluctuations in demand. Up to now, you had to write custom scripts or use other tools like Wasabi or MetricsHub in order to enable that. Last week during //Build...
  • Blog Post: Join us at the patterns & practices symposium 2013

    Join my team for our flagship event – the patterns & practices symposium 2013 . It will take place on Microsoft campus, Jan 15-17, 2013. Don’t miss the opportunity to see my colleagues and I speak on the latest projects coming from p&p and industry experts discussing the latest trends in software...
  • Blog Post: On deprecation

    Original blog post title: Deleting code is one of my favorite things This blog post is in response to a number of inquiries on the future of certain Enterprise Library features ( this one , for example) and is meant to expose our thinking on code retirement/deprecation. Let me start by saying that we...
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