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November, 2008

  • The Agileer

    Azure Epiphany #1

    Well, OK.  Epiphany may be too strong of a word here.  But in my last post, I wondered aloud (or on paper or electronic bits or whatever), “What to do with Windows Azure?” . One thing you can do with Windows Azure is to use it sort of like an...
  • The Agileer

    What to do with Windows Azure?

    I got my invitation code for Windows Azure today. Except for the PDC keynotes, I hadn’t really looked at anything Azure related. So I vaguely have this idea about what Azure is about (cloud computing? OK, what does that look like, exactly?), but what...
  • The Agileer

    New XBox Live Experience + Netflix = Awesome!

    Now, I hope this doesn’t set the tone for this blog, this being the first entry of any sort of substance, but I just tried out the new XBox Live Experience with Netflix, and it really rocks.  Normally, I hope to write interesting things about writing...
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