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March, 2009

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    Developer Default Build

    There are some things that I need on every box I build for development.  While it’s true that these things change somewhat over time, there are still some non-negotiable items. Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite + SP1 – there is no substitute Team Foundation...
  • The Agileer

    Extending the ILM “2” Schema in RC0

    The ILM “2” Schema for the ILM MA is missing a few items that have historically been in the Metaverse – and there are a whole lot of new items as well, but if you find yourself needing some of these attributes, like “st” for State, make sure you don’t...
  • The Agileer

    Win 7 – Burning ISOs is built-in

    Windows 7 allows you to burn ISO files out of the box!  Nice sleeper feature: Now, if only it would allow you to mount ISOs as well.  Fingers crossed.
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