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  • Blog Post: AutoFakes Is Now Live at CodePlex

    After many years of just talk, I’ve finally released my first Open Source Software project at CodePlex, called AutoFakes . It’s meant for Visual Studio 11, though I suppose it would probably work in VS 10 if you have Pex/Moles installed, but definitely haven’t tested THAT. Basically...
  • Blog Post: Developer Default Build

    There are some things that I need on every box I build for development.  While it’s true that these things change somewhat over time, there are still some non-negotiable items. Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite + SP1 – there is no substitute Team Foundation Server – we’ve got it here at work and I don...
  • Blog Post: ScottGu and his faithful Blog

    (archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) If you want to learn a new Microsoft developer tool or technology, what's the first thing you turn to?  MSDN?  Books? Google?  My blog (well, of course you do, but besides that)?  Me? I'm starting to learn to really appreciate the value...
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