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  • Blog Post: AutoFakes Is Now Live at CodePlex

    After many years of just talk, I’ve finally released my first Open Source Software project at CodePlex, called AutoFakes . It’s meant for Visual Studio 11, though I suppose it would probably work in VS 10 if you have Pex/Moles installed, but definitely haven’t tested THAT. Basically...
  • Blog Post: ReSharper – Crack for .NET Developers – they hook you with a free 30-day copy, then you shell out the big bucks for it, and then you pay for upgrades almost yearly.  BUT I MUST HAVE IT!  Paying yet again.  Why oh why doesn’t Microsoft get a site-license for this?
  • Blog Post: "Heroes Happen Here" Notes part 2

    (archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) Yes, I know.  I have a weird definition of "tomorrow."  Here are my notes from last Thursday's HHH event in Harrisburg, PA: Session 2: Office Development Zhiming Xue Talked a bit bout how VSTO isn't an extra...
  • Blog Post: "Heroes Happen Here" Notes

    (archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) I attended the " Heroes Happen Here " event in Harrisburg, PA yesterday.  Not a bad trip overall - the best takeaway was a free copy of Vista Ultimate and Windows Server 2008 (installing now for the first time), though this one is just a...
  • Blog Post: ReSharper 4.0 & LINQ

    (archived from my old blog from my pre-MS days) Unfortunately, as of today (2/28/08), the ReSharper 4.0 EAP still can't handle LINQ (or partial methods, apparently) .  However, I just can't give up ReSharper's refactoring capabilities and other goodness, so here's how you can disable the code analysis...
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