FIM 2010 R2 SP1 is here.

This Service Pack contains a number of improvements as well as additional platform support for the latest Microsoft platforms. These improvements and platform support updates are summarized below:

  • The FIM client now supports Windows 8 and Outlook 2013
  • Enhanced configuration options for customers with dynamic groups
  • Updates to the Extensible Connectivity MA Framework
  • FIM connectors have been updated to support Active Directory 2012, SQL Server 2012, Exchange 2013, Sun 7.x and Oracle 11
  • FIM reporting now supports System Center Service Manager 2012
  • The Microsoft BHOLD Suite has a simplified provisioning configuration

In SP1 the following additional platforms are now supported for the BHOLD, FIM Sync, FIM Service, FIM Portal and FIM Certificate Management components:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Visual Studio 2012