SQL 2005 is an integrated platform to create Data Warehousing applications, data mining tools are consolidated into two working environments in SQL 2005. Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Management Studio


SQL 2005 has a number of features that enable to build large and highly available data repositories. In addition, it has a well integrated suite of tools for Business Intelligence. Overall, the proposition is very compelling since the management tools and development tools are better integrated and provide a very effective environment for development, management and monitoring of BI solutions.


The data mining algorithms and tools in SQL Server 2005 make it easy to build a comprehensive solution for a variety of projects, including market basket analysis, forecasting analysis, and targeted mailing analysis.SQL Server 2005 includes nine algorithms:

·         Microsoft Decision Trees

·         Microsoft Clustering

·         Microsoft Naïve Bayes

·         Microsoft Sequence Clustering

·         Microsoft Time Series

·         Microsoft Association

·         Microsoft Neural Network

·         Microsoft Linear Regression

·         Microsoft Logistic Regression


DMX (Data Mining Extensions for SQL) is much enriched in SQL 2005 and now it covers all types of data mining algorithms.


One of the important steps in data mining solution is consolidating, cleaning and preparing data which will be used to create mining models, SSIS is a new ground up technology to enable you to do that. SSIS is deeply integrated with the data mining functionality in Analysis Services. Data mining abstracts out the patterns in a dataset and encapsulates them in a mining model. This mining model amongst other things then can be used to make predictions on what data belongs to a dataset and what data may be anomalous, allowing data mining to be used as a tool for implementing data quality.


The Data Mining Wizard is handy and yet powerful tool to help you build data mining models from any data source. It helps you to pick the most relevant input columns related to the predictable one. It can also be used to mine OLAP cubes. With a few mouse clicks, you can build a very sophisticated mining model. The Mining Model Editor contains multiple tabs, including Mining Structure, Mining Model, Mining Model Viewer, Mining Accuracy Chart and Mining Model Prediction.


SSRS is another integrated technology to report on data. With the data mining Prediction Query Builder hosted in the report designer, you can build a report using a data mining query