§  Provide a single workspace to coordinate schedules, organize documents, discussions within the organization and over the extranet.

§  Easily author and manage documents, with check out, versioning capabilities and recycle bin facility.

§  Blogs and Wiki support.

§  Support for offline synchronization through Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 for managing document libraries, lists, calendars, contacts, tasks, and discussion boards even offline, and to synchronize changes when reconnected to the network.

  • Improved user interface and site creation tools, easy to use templates, sites themes and navigation.
  • Customize workspaces with new application templates that provide custom scenarios for building workflows for specific business processes or sets of tasks.
  • Implement a collaboration environment with minimal administrative time and effort, and with the flexibility to change deployment settings.
  • Enhanced administrative controls which decrease cost and complexity associated with site provisioning, management, support, operations, and backup and restore. Increase security of business information setting policies for site creation that enable security to be set as deep down as the item level.

§  Provide a robust document and record management; recycle bin item retrieval, and version-control features built in to team workspaces.

§  Easily manage and configure Windows SharePoint Services by using a Web browser or command-line utilities, and enable a variety of custom and third-party administration solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

§  Users can extend WSS V3 to create new, efficient, Web-based tools and services specific for their Line of Business Applications.