PivotTables are designed to help users make sense of large amounts of data by providing an easy way to quickly reorient the data and build a summarized report.
Main improvements in the Pivot table interface which makes the user productive are

  • A new dialog for creating PivotTables which streamlines the overall experience.
  • A new field list with checkboxes making it very easy to add and remove fields from a PivotTable.
  • Drop zones in the new field list to make it easier to rearrange fields within the PivotTable.
  • New expand/collapse indicators in the PivotTable to make it visually clear to users when there are more details to show.
  • New filtering capabilities, Label Filters, Date Filters and Value Filters.
  • Improved sorting capabilities. It is now possible to sort by the values in a specific row or column in addition to the grand total values.
  • New layout options to make the PivotTable more readable and presentable.
  • PivotTable-specific styles for making PivotTables look great.
  • Better layout tools, the ability to expand/collapse to any level of detail on rows or columns in the PivotTable without having to expand/collapse each level one-by-one.
  • A fast, easy way to clear a PivotTable.
  • New and improved contextual menus, Options dialog, and Field Settings dialog.
  •  Support for SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services “metadata” in the PivotTable Field List so users can find relevant data quickly and easily.
  • Support for more Analysis Services features including key performance indicators (KPIs), named sets, drill-through, actions and server side formatting.
  • The ability to hide any level of a hierarchy in an Analysis Services cube.
  • Retaining user-applied formatting across operations performed on the PivotTable.