The Microsoft Developer & Platform Developer Evangelism Team is proud to announce industryStream, the premier technical program for developers.  industryStream provides a constant flow of technical information with a focus on the Health and Life Sciences industry, as well as, networking opportunities for enterprise, partners.

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Newly launched in the Fall of 2006, this series runs every other Tuesday from 1pm to 2.30pm Eastern Standard Time. Make these your must-see source of the latest technology trends and solutions in health and life sciences.  Our regulars include product managers from Redmond, as well as industry gurus within Microsoft discussing best of class Microsoft solutions for the health and life sciences industry.  

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Date & Time


Scientist Workbench
Increased competition, profitability pressures, inefficient drug production, and lack of data integration are only some of the challenges Life Sciences company face.  Some might see these challenges as obstacles and costs of doing business…but we see it as an industry renaissance opportunity where IT is an enabler to business needs.  There are many new/innovative business solutions geared towards turning this opportunity into a reality…most requiring use of new technologies This talk will focus on the Microsoft Life Sciences Industry Priority Solutions Scenarios…Information Management Lifecycle from the views of Scientists working on early drug discovery; we call this Scientist Workbench.  We will discuss simplification methods of complex information management challenges and decompose it into actionable prioritizes with high-level solutions illustration.

Nov 7, 2006
1-2:30pm EST


Security Development Lifecycle for Healthcare
This session will discuss the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and the challenges of delivery into the Healthcare environment. Recent technology investments, updated prescriptive guidance and industry partnerships help secure the core infrastructure and enable better business solutions.  As a developer, it is important to understand the security threat landscape and what you can do to reduce or mitigate security risks.  

Nov 21, 2006
1-2:30pm EST


Windows Mobile in Life Sciences
Many enterprises today are looking for solutions to integrate mobility into their overall framework.  Within the Life Sciences vertical at Microsoft, we are applying Windows Mobile in certain scenarios to address these needs of our customers.  With the Visual Studio developer environment and .NET framework, ISVs have been able to create robust vertically centric solutions to run on the Windows Mobile platform.   This discussion will be concentrated around giving a high-level overview of Windows Mobile and how the Exchange 2003 SP2 with the messaging and security feature pack makes the platform enterprise based.  Additionally, we will have three ISVs that have focused solutions in the Pharmaceutical space speak about their products that utilize the Windows Mobile platform.  There solutions are geared towards Sample Tracking, In context media information for sales reps, Epedigree for compliance.

Dec 5, 2006
1-2:30pm EST


Regulated Document Management and Compliance
The session will review Microsoft’s vision and strategy to deliver a complete Regulated Document Management solution for the Life Sciences Industry.  We will cover progress made to date, and give a brief overview of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 demo recently shown at the DIA Annual Meeting.  We will also discuss our plans to deliver a reference implementation for SAFE-compliant digital signatures.

Dec 19, 2006
1-2:30pm EST



We hope you enjoy these webcasts.  In addition to industryStream, we offer arcStream – for Architects and devStream – for Developers.  Let us know if you are interested in learning more about all other Streams.

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