Windows Vista ™ operating system brings a streamlined user experience called Windows Aero™ that provides enhanced graphics and visualization capabilities.


Aero increases clarity, productivity, and focus for the end user. Moving beyond generic "icons," Windows Vista represents your files in more intuitive ways—visually capturing the "live" contents of your work and simplifying the process of locating your information.


Aero experience is the professional-looking, transparent glass design, with subtle effects such as dynamic reflections and smooth animations. The glass windows create an open, energizing environment and enable you to better focus on your content rather than on the surrounding interface. Two exciting new Aero features, Windows Flip and Flip 3D, let you confidently manage the windows on your desktop, arranging them in a visually striking yet convenient way. Beyond the new graphics and visual polish, the Windows Aero desktop experience performs as smoothly and professionally as it looks, providing a simple and high-quality experience that both delights and inspires users


Gadgets are mini-applications with a variety of possible uses. They can connect to web services to deliver business data, weather information, news updates, traffic maps, Internet radio streams, and even slide shows of online photo albums.


Gadgets can also integrate with your applications to provide streamlined interaction. For example, a gadget can give you an at-a-glance view of all your online instant messaging contacts, the day view from your calendar, or an easy way to control your media player.


Windows Sidebar is a pane on the side of the Windows Vista desktop where you can keep your gadgets organized and always available. You can easily customize Windows Sidebar to suit your preferred location—always on top or resting below maximized windows.


If you don’t want to keep your gadgets docked on the Windows Sidebar, you can simply move them off, hiding the sidebar, and place them anywhere on your desktop.


Gadgets can also have any number of dedicated purposes. They can be calculators, games, sticky notes, and more.


Live Icons provide thumbnail previews of the actual content of a file, rather than just a generic representation of the application associated with that file. You can see rich previews of your files—including the first pages of your documents, your photos, or even album art for your songs—without opening them. This helps you work more efficiently and productively.





Building on the amazing capabilities of the personal computer, Windows Vista ushers in a new way of connecting with the people, places, and devices in your life—at home, at work, and on the go—by putting you at the center.


Windows Vista also introduces a new and more flexible way of organizing your information so you can easily store, manage, find, and organize the data you work with every day, helping you make the most of your time.


Windows Meeting Space, the new collaboration feature in Windows Vista, is a simple yet powerful tool that enables face-to-face collaboration among small groups of Windows Vista users—anytime and anywhere.


Whether you are making a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation or revising a spreadsheet, Windows Meeting Space enables face-to-face collaboration by as few as two or as many as 10 people over a wired network, a wireless local area network (WLAN), or an ad hoc wireless network. Connections are established quickly, easily, and securely. One person simply initiates a session in Windows Meeting Space. Others can join it, share files, or see the same view of an application or desktop and collaborate in real time.


People Near Me feature, which allows you to check who is available on the network you are using and invite them to join your collaboration group or another People Near Me–enabled application. People Near Me makes explicitly inviting a person to a session simple and easy.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Outlook in the 2007 Office system enable users to subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. Office Outlook automatically subscribes to feeds that a user has added to Internet Explorer 7.





With Windows Vista, we introduce a new level of confidence to the desktop experience. We have made significant investments in the fundamentals of the operating system to free you from having to think about security, reliability, and management of the PC. You—the user—are in control and can now spend more time focused on what you want and need to do rather than how to do it.

Windows Vista offers improved reliability from the moment it is deployed, and its enhanced error reporting capabilities provide the foundation for further reliability improvements over time. For example, Windows Vista provides more detailed information on certain types of reliability issues to the Microsoft product feedback system—information that Microsoft and its partners can use to continually improve products.
And when users submit anonymous error reporting information to Microsoft, they will receive a fix for their problem more often than in the past.


Windows CardSpace is a new technology that offers users a way to organize and manage their digital identities, maintain fewer passwords, and better control what personal information they share over the Internet