Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP) will holding its first Code Camp on April 21, 2007. The Code Camp will be held from 9am - 7pm at the UMBC Tech Center in Catonsville, MD.

CMAP user group is looking for speakers for its first Code Camp. If you are interested in speaking, please contact the CMAP Programming Director for more information. As a community based event this is a general call for speakers to help make this event a success. The Code Camp will contain two types of 75-minute sessions.

Requested Session Types:

·         Code focused presentation - These are presentations that include both power points and code demos. Given the audience that is attending it is important that a large amount of the presentation is focused on code and coding related techniques.

·         Chalk Talks - These sessions are designed as a facilitated discussion around a developer topic. They are presented as a free form facilitated discussion that leverages the expertise of the presenter and the combined knowledge of the group to explore a specific topic.

Additionally, based on feedback we are sponsoring the following tracks. If your desired topic does not fit cleanly into one of these tracks, please propose it anyway! We will be scheduling an additional track for miscellaneous topics based on speaker demand.

Session Category



This track covers all new capabilities that the new operating system has to offer in security, performance, reliability, and manageability. This also includes the new VISTA technologies like Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation.

Web Applications Track

This track covers all topics that are relevant in the development of rich, robust Web applications. This includes both Web sites and Web services. This includes talks focused on ASP.NET presentation technologies, ASP.NET processing engine capabilities and extensibility, Web services implementation and remote communications. Talks on ASP.NET 2.0 & 3.0, Web Services Enhancements 3.0, and Atlas are especially encouraged.

Office and MOSS 2007

This track is focused on new features in Office and Sharepoint 2007. This includes a broad range of topics including anything related to Web Content Management, Ribbon UI, VSTO, Open XML Format and Business Intelligence.

Data Access

No real application exists without data. This track can include talks focused on any data access technologies relevant to developers including ADO.NET, Enterprise Library Data Access block, object relational mapping. If you submit database related talks, they should focus on tasks that developers are commonly responsible for, such as designing stored procedures and views in the database, rather than things that are typically the DBA’s domain such as normalization and tuning.

SQL 2005

There is a long list of new features in SQL 2005. This track will focus on the development and business intelligence features.

Visual Studio

This track is focused on new features of Visual Studio 2005 and its extensions for Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System.


Security is important to every application. This track will include talks related to security at the client, in a web application, when touching the database, and when making remote calls. This can include code access security, role-based security, ClickOnce security, ASP.NET membership and role providers, Web Services Enhancements (WSE) security, or WCF security.

Virtual PC/Virtual Server

Virtual Server and Virtual PC offer a variety of capabilities to make development more efficient. This track will focus on the differences between them, their feature set and how to optimize their usage.