PowerShell is not only a new scripting language, but a shell in which you can leverage existing scripts and knowledge.   This makes the learning curve very short and experienced scripter will be able to be productive within the PowerShell environment very quickly. By investing the time to learn PowerShell, you will be able to leverage her existing scripts, add power to them, extend them across the Windows Server platform, and build a consistent, repeatable mechanism for managing core Windows Server systems.

Simply by moving the existing scripts into the PowerShell environment, you will be able to use the WhatIf and Confirm utilities to determine the impact of scripts before they are executed. 

By using CMDLET’s, you will be able to capture often repeated functions and reuse them across different scripts and different platforms.  This truly brings a significant amount of power from the developer skill set to the IT Pro’s responsible for managing the Windows Server infrastructure.


The key design principles for PowerShell included:

·         Preserving investment in existing scripts and command line tools, including commands, VB, COM, and WMI.

·         Provide for object manipulation – objects can be directly manipulated and output pipelined to other tools.

·         Expose the consistency & functionality of .NET to IT Pro’s

  • Provide Extensibility for administrators to quickly write scripts, customize existing command, and author their own tools using cmdlets.