Microsoft Office Live provides Internet-based services for small businesses that lack the technology expertise, budget, or time to create a Web site and other online business tools.
For developers who specialize in Web design, business process consulting, or creating industry-specific solutions, Microsoft Office Live offers an opportunity to help small businesses develop a Web presence, attract new customers, and manage their organization more effectively.

In our continued effort to expand the opportunities for our developer community, we are releasing the Microsoft Office Live Innovate On. This site provides partners with a full range of technical and business resources to develop Office Live solutions which can be accessed by the myriad of small-business customers of the Microsoft Office Live Marketplace


Along with the site we are conducting two Office Live Review events:


·         Tuesday, June 5th at the Microsoft Technical Center in Boston, Mass.

·         Monday, June 11th at the Microsoft Technical Center in Silicon Valley, CA.

These one-day workshop focus on helping custom solution developers, web partners, and ISVs understand Microsoft’s Office Live strategy, how to customize and extend the Microsoft Office Live environment, and identify with Microsoft Office Live offerings – Office Live Basic, Office Live Collaboration, and Office Live Essentials, and what types of scenarios each of these apply to.


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