Today at TechEd 2007, Bob Muglia announced the availability of IIS7 on Server Core in Windows 2008 Server, starting with the upcoming CTP and RC1 releases.  We've added IIS7 on Server Core as a result of a lot of customer demand to make it available on the lowest footprint Windows server ever.

The combination of IIS7 and the Server Core installation provides an extremely secure, reliable and scalable hosting platform for non-ASP.NET Web sites and applications because this installation option is completely streamlined with all unnecessary services and components removed.  In addition, for hosting static content in particular, such as video and images, and for hosting ASP, ColdFusion, JSP and PHP sites, IIS7 is a robust, cost effective solution as part of Server Core installations.

o   For IT Professionals, IIS7 is a secure, reliable, and easy to manage Web server.

o   For Web hosters, it’s a cost-effective, more scalable Web server for delivering reliable Web hosting to a broader set of customers, particularly with the new FastCGI module, which provides fast and reliable hosting of PHP and other Web frameworks.

o   For Developers, IIS7 is a flexible, more extensible Web server for developing and deploying Web applications on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.