Windows live calendar uses AJAX technology, which lets you do cool stuff like drag and drop things on the page, or right-click for quick options.  and the new platform also allows it to integrate better with other programs and devices (like your mobile phone).

Here are some of the new features.

Easier ways to organize your time

·         You can add an event in seconds--just click a date and start typing.

·         Lunch date changed? Drag it to a new spot on the calendar.

·         Print your calendar using the easy-to-read Agenda view.

Share your calendar (or not)

·         You can keep multiple calendars, one for private use, one to share with family, another to share with friends. You decide who sees what.

·         View several calendars together. If you keep a different calendar for each family member, it’s easy to see at a glance what everyone is up to.

Get reminders when and where you need them

·         Get calendar reminders via text message, e-mail, or Messenger.

·         Use RSS feeds to get information from your calendar automatically sent to Microsoft Office Outlook, or to an RSS reader.

·         Import schedules from a sports team or community group directly into your calendar.

You can learn more about the new release here on the Windows Live Hotmail blog.

You can enroll in the new Windows Live Calendar beta, by going to, and signing in with a Windows Live ID. After you’ve signed in there once, you’ll also be able to get there from the Calendar link in Hotmail.