Cloud Storage Studio is a Windows (WPF) based application to manage your data stored in Azure Storage. You can manage your tables, queues & containers data in Azure storage. Following are the high level features available in the current release:

-          Tables/entities management

-          Queues/messages management

-          Containers/blobs management [In this version you can create/update/delete containers however you can only view blobs].

-          Multiple accounts management i.e. you can connect to multiple storage accounts simultaneously. The application also has an “Auto Connect” feature so that next time when the application launches, it will try and automatically connect to the accounts you have specified.

-          Some basic configuration settings for tables (like how many tables to retrieve from the service per request etc.), queues & containers.


Complete Blob support (including upload/download/delete/copy/move/rename) will be provided in the next release.


Cloud Storage Studio is currently in private beta. To learn more about Cloud Storage Studio & participate in private beta, please visit the website