August, 2004

  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    Lab 6: Active X controls (with Visual Basic 6.0)

    Due to popular request, this lab is the Visual Basic 6.0 version of the ActiveX lab on MSDN (with some differences in the control we generate). The following lab has not been reviewed by the normal MSDN reviewers. Prerequisites Before you begin this lab...
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    Instant Messengers

    It's pretty amazing to see how instant messengers have entered a lot of people's lives. Personally, I use it pretty heavily to communicate with people (esp internationally). I was having lunch with someone today and I mentioned how I think it's been so...
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    MSDN Hands-on Lab 6 ... the Visual Basic 6.0 version

    On MSDN, InfoPath has hands-on labs. The ActiveX control lab was one that I was responsible for. Since it has been posted, there have been a few requests for the Visual Baisc 6.0 equivalent (instead of C++) because that seems to be the prefered way of...
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