It's pretty amazing to see how instant messengers have entered a lot of people's lives. Personally, I use it pretty heavily to communicate with people (esp internationally). I was having lunch with someone today and I mentioned how I think it's been so ingrained into my life that when I try to recall things people say, I don't have much distinction between IM or an actual conversation (maybe I just don't have a very good memory). Another thing that interests me is that different regions seem to use one application more heavily than another. Most of my friends in Seattle seem to use AIM. Before I moved here, I didn't know a single person that used it. Probably because I was in Canada, which mostly used ICQ, but since I left, I've noticed people have been slowly switching to MSN Messenger.

Anyways, I have a point that is losely related. Today I found the web messenger for MSN (currently in beta). It's pretty cool.