Online shopping is a $26 billion dollar market (I didn't do much research here beyond a simple MSN search, but we can all agree the market is huge). As more shops open up online, customers are being provided with more and more choices on sites to shop. With the increase in choices, shopping portals are being increasingly valuable, especially to those who are less tech-saavy. Is online shopping one of your passions? C# too? Do you like to "break" things? Well, then, come help us out!

Here are a few openings in my discipline:
For those interested, you're best off using the "submit resume" button on the links above. Hiring isn't really my job, so anything sent to me directly may not get the attention it deserves.

If you would like more information about MSN Shopping, leave me a comment, or better yet, check out the site for yourself: (our current site) (a beta of our future site)