Tonight, I remapped some of my redirected folders (my docs and desktop) and after that happened, the offline folder sync was stuck trying to sync both shares (the new and the old), one of which doesn't exist anymore. This post doesn't have anything to do with what I work on, but I thought I'd share this anyways because I couldn't really find a solution on the web and found a few others looking for this solution.

I first tried scrubbing the registry thinking that it might be there. After rebooting, it still came back (which is what other users reported as well). I tried disabling offline folders but once I turned it back on, it tried syncing the old share again. Eventually I found a solution:

1) disable offline folders
2) delete all the files in c:\windows\csc
3) turn offline folders back on

I'm not Windows expert so proceed with caution (Disclaimer line: No gurantees about this solution and don't hold me responsible if something goes wrong.) but this solution worked for me.