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    Whistler - Sunday

    It was hard to roll out of bed at 6:30, but I somehow managed. The ride to Whistler was pretty good although there were no less than 3 speed traps on the way. Whistler itself had received a ton of snow early in the week, but unfortunately was dry both...
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    Vancouver - Saturday

    Well, I drove to Vancouver late Friday night to meet Jen and Ryan who flew up from Ontario to check out the mountains. By the time I arrived in Vancouver everyone was asleep, so it wasn't until the morning that I had a chance to say hi. Saturday we...
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    Welcome to Aaron's World. This is a temporary replacement for my blogger site .
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    Thursday's happenings...

    Ah, yes, volleyball night. I played a couple of games at the pro club tonight. It wasn't as good as usual because there seemed to be a couple of weak players there. There is actually a separate court for folks who don't play well, but sometimes people...
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